Weekly Sales Training

My training program at Realosophy focuses on developing the key skills it takes to be excellent at our profession and to be the kind of real estate sales person today’s consumer wants to work with.  It’s the training program I wish was available to me when I first got into this business.

Most of my training modules have two components to them.

Knowledge training sessions are about learning the ideas and principles that are going to help you address your client’s needs tomorrow.

Deliberate Practice is about actually role playing these questions and concerns to practice what you learned the previous week during our Knowledge training session. Smart sales people practice on colleagues – not clients.

Once a month I’ll also be reviewing and having a discussion about one of the books on my bookshelf to see what today’s greatest thinkers can teach us about real estate, business and sales.

Training sessions are every Thursday at 10am @ Realosophy HQ.  Not a Realosophy agent? No problem, send me an email if you’re interested in sitting in on one of our training sessions.  Browse previous sessions here.

Upcoming Training Sessions

October 27th – Knowledge – Building Your Personal Brand Using Social Media

Today’s real estate agents have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to building their brand on social media:

  • Should I try to get on as many platforms as possible or just pick one or two?
  • Which social media platforms have the most potential for real estate agents?
  • What should I be writing about or sharing with my readers
  • How do I build a following

During this training session I’ll be interviewing social media marketing expert Devang Desai. Devang has worked for The Score and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment managing the social media accounts for Toronto FC.

He’ll be sharing some of his real life experiences about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media marketing. We’ll talk about what platforms agents should focus on and which they should ignore and what latest technologies are actual game changers versus fads.


November 3rd – Knowledge – Developing a Marketing Plan

Today’s real estate agent has far more options today than ever before when it comes to marketing their business to potential clients. In addition to traditional real estate marketing channels (post cards, newsletters, billboards etc), today’s agent has countless online marketing channels to choose from.

This training session will walk through the following key questions:

  • How do we decide on the target client for our marketing campaign
  • What’s the difference between inbound and outbound marketing (and why outbound marketing is dead)
  • How do you develop a smart inbound marketing campaign
  • How do you develop a budget and timeline for your marketing campaign
  • What’s the best way to track your results

Bring your questions and get ready to roll up your sleeves – this session will kick start your marketing efforts for 2017.


November 10th – My Bookshelf – How to Win Friends and Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

What can a book published 80 years ago teach today’s agent about sales?

Dale Carnegie’s classic book teaches agents the foundational skills that they’ll need to truly succeed in this profession. Most people think they have great listing, communication and people skills based on their interactions with their friends.

But how well are we at connecting with people who are nothing like us? How well do we persuade stubborn sellers or anxious buyers? How effective are we when the other agent we are working with is rude and belligerent?

Carnegie’s book helps us:

  • Get more people wanting to work with you – without you even asking for their business.
  • Learn how to develop a strong connection with people – even in stressful situations
  • Understand what it takes to bring someone over to your way of thinking
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people

Carnegie’s principles helps us become better versions of ourselves – which is what being a great salesperson is all about.


November 17th – Knowledge – Leveraging Your Personal Network to Grow Your Business

There is one agent for every 135 people in Toronto which means every one of your friends likely knows at least one or two other real estate agents. Who are your friends going to want to work with and which agent do they recommend to their network?

Having a lot of friends doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a lot of clients.

This training session will walk through the following:

  • What does it take to become the agent my network wants to work with and recommend
  • What are the common bad habits that many agents have that end up sabotaging their efforts to work with their network
  • What is a professional way to approach a prospective client for their business

This session will get you growing your personal network in no time.


November 24th – Deliberate Practice – Working with Difficult Buyers

Scheduling a monthly regroup with your buyer clients is an important part of the sales process because it helps ensure that your clients are happy with the process up to that point but more importantly it allows you to be proactive if you’re finding some challenges with their search.

All agents are going to find themselves in a situation where they’re thinking one of the following about their buyer clients:

  • They are confused, they don’t know what they want, their criteria keeps changing
  • They are too picky
  • Their expectations are unrealistic

Unfortunately the problem in these situations is not our clients – it’s us.

Today’s agent should be there to help their clients make sense of the market, make sense of their different options and help bring some clarity to what is often an overwhelming and stressful process for many buyers.

This training session will walk you through how to bring some clarity to the confused, picky and unrealistic buyer and to help both them and you be more effective during their home search.